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Infoliteracy or information skils

These research tips are meant to help you in the research process. In that process you will need to improve your infoliteracy skills also known as information skills.

Infoliteracy is known as being a kit of information knowledge and skills which is related to the cycle of search and information use. This cycle begins with the identification of the information need and goes on with the search, location, critical assessment, usage and communication of information in an efficient and ethical manner.

The cycle of search and information usage

The cycle of search and information usage may be represented through five questions, each one associated to one infoliteracy skill such as shown below:

1. Before searching you need to think about the topic (which keywords best describe your topic)

2. Which information sources will be most needed (which document types)

3. What are the search strategies that assure you will recover better results (boolean operators, etc.)

4. What criteria can help you to assess the quality of information (critical thinking) and how to manage it (reference managers)

5. How should information be communicated (ethically) considering the formal aspects of scientific writing and publishing

Did you know?

In today’s complex information environment (with rapidly changing technology and exponential growth of information) infoliteracy skills are critical for your academic success!

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