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At the library's website you can find a wide variety of quality information resources you can access to. Some will allow you to get updated information on bibliographic data of scientific journals and articles (bibliographic databases), while other will allow you to get the full text publications (full text databases). Hereby you will find some highlights on some of those resources, presented in each one of the referred categories.

Bibliographic databases

Full text databases

Other relevant information resources

The above list was just a small sample of the collections available. Please check the whole collection of bibliographic and full text databases at the library's website, on the following links:

Full list of bibliographic databases

Full list of full text databases (journals' publishers)

Did you know?

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Bibliographic databases make a wide coverage of publications from many different publishers. Because of this, they are a good starting point to search published and updated information on any research topic. This is particularly useful when you need to make a literature review.

Even though these systems do not aim at providing access to the full text link, they will however give you access to it, as long as it is subscribed by your university.

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